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Silberbauer Textiltechnik GmbH is a family establishment which produces ribbons since 1848. The company is operated by the 5th generation of the family, the successing 6th generation is in in-firm training.

Formerly traditional tapes such as twill ribbons made of cotton and linen were distributed in Austria. However, in the last 25 years the product range has been modified continually and radically.

Nowadays technical tapes made of glass, polyester, aramid and carbon fiber are being produced on advanced production machines and distributed worldwide.

The most important groups of customers are mechanical engineers, paper machine producers and the electrical industry.

In the regularly extended production halls tapes and nets are being produced by weaving and warp-knitting machines. For 20 years cords, strings, sleeves and rickracks are also being produced by plaiting machines. The main application of our products shifts more and more to technical applications.

In 2015 we received the “HELIOS”, an award for working energy-efficient, which is further proof that we have followed an advanced path with both of our production facilities in Groß Siegharts.

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The main reason for the successful existence of textile fabrication is the extremely fast response to the requirements of customers to promptly produce the tapes, cords, sleeves and strings the customers desire.

The wishes of our customers are implemented by motivated and well trained employees with a great amount of independence.

A highly modern machine park allows the production of high quality textiles in very large, but also small quantities for a modest price.

The materials that can be chosen from reach from cotton yarn over organic cotton, linen, viscose, polyamide, polyester, glass, aramid, carbon yarn to vectran, PEN and other special yarns.

The width of the tapes that can be produced starts with 1mm and reaches up to 250mm.

 These are some possible types of refinement for tapes:

  • technical cleaning
  • coating for simple processing
  • showerproof
  • fire retardancy
  • grasp equipment

A separate dyeworks and a digital printer complete the production facilities and allow the fast response to the wishes of customers.

If you have got any questions regarding products, production capabilities or if you have individual wishes, do not hesitate to contact us.

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